In a milestone weekend for Buena Vista International (BVI), PiratesOf The Caribbean passed$300m and Bruce Almighty crossed $200m at the international box office.

Piratesadded $11.1m from all territories and raised its cumulative score to $310.1m,becoming the distributor's third title to reach that threshold after TheLion King and Armageddon and its second to pass $600m inworldwide receipts behind The Lion King.

Among the chief drivers was a fine $2.9m fifth weekendgross in Germany, where the film climbed 4% for $33.7m and is expected tobecome producer Jerry Bruckheimer's biggest hit there later this week.

Piratesadded $1.5m in its fourth weekend in Australia and fell 9% for $12.2m, while inits fifth weekend in Italy, it added $903,000 for a $19m running total tobecome BVI's biggest ever live-action release.

Bruce Almighty grossed $1.3m at the weekend for a $200.4m internationalcumulative total, becoming BVI's sixth live action title to pass the mark andthe fourth to do so this year behind The Matrix Reloaded, T3 and Pirates.

Meanwhile, Finding Nemo is fast approaching $100m after a $2.6m weekend haul raisedits total to $93.5m.

Highlights were $1.4m and a 1% climb to $21.5m in its sixthweekend in Australia, where Nemo is now the industry's biggest animated release of all time.

Nemoopened top in Thailand on $550,000 from 121 screens for the industry's biggestever animated opening in the territory.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico opened number one in Russia with $1m from 140 screens forthe second biggest BVI opening ever behind Pirates.

It also opened top in Poland, grossing $150,000 from 50for the biggest ever opening for stars Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp.

Calendar Girls took $2.7m for $22.4m at the weekend and remained number one forthe third weekend in a row in the UK, adding $2.3m for a $20m running total.

In Italy, Calendar Girls added $360,000 and fell 20% in its second weekend to reach $1m,while in Sweden it grossed $112,000 and fell 12% in its third weekend for atotal $643,000.

Finally, Freaky Friday raised its international total by $1.1m to $3.6m, distinguishedby an $855,000 third-weekend haul in Australia that saw the film climb 41% fora $2.7m running total.