Buena Vista International TV struck its first ever filmlicence deal in the Ukraine this week at the Los Angeles Preview Screenings.

It licensed a package of series and feature films tocommercial broadcaster Inter TV in a multi-year deal. Current films covered bythe agreement include Pearl Harbor, The Princess Diaries and Sweet HomeAlabama. Library titles included Pretty Woman, Con Air, The Rock andArmageddon.

At the same event, BVITV also sold packages to a group ofScandinavian broadcasters; SBS Broadcasting's TV Danmark and K5 channels, TVNorge and Kanal 5 shares titles with TV2 Danmark, TV2 Norway and Sweden's TV4.

Films included in the deal span Pirates Of The Caribbean,Signs, Freaky Friday, Starsky And Hutch, M Night Shyamalan's forthcomingsupernatural thriller The Village, Jerry Bruckheimer-produced KingArthur and The Princess Diaries 2.