Sacha Baron Cohen pulled off his latest publicity stunt to promote The Dictator in Cannes, with the help of a very obliging camel.

Sacha Baron Cohen caused chaos at the Carlton yesterday during a photo call for The Dictator.

Surrounded by jostling photographers, Cohen – in  full character and riding a camel - headed out on to the Croisette, and into the nearest café where he ordered a coffee for himself, and one for the camel. The photographers were literally falling over each other to get a snap.

He may have stopped traffic but I overheard one French local saying “Il y a un chameau sur la Croisette” with a nonchalent shrug as he walked by. To be fair, there are definitely stranger things to be seen on the Croisette.

Meanwhile, Cohen’s wife Isla Fisher is also in town to promote Dreamworks’ Rise Of The Guardians, their latest animated feature in which Santa (Alec Baldwin, who was on flying form at the press conference) the tooth fairy (Fisher) Jack Frost (Chris Pine) and the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman) unite to protect children from the evil boogie man, (voiced by Jude Law). The animation is executive produced by Guillermo Del Torro and you can really his influence. The footage suggested a grown up, magical animation with just enough touches to keep the kids happy.