Danish writer-director Christoffer Boe might be a newcomer, but after the success of his Cannes Critics' Week entry Reconstruction, which took both the Camera d'Or and the Label Regards Jeunes this weekend, buyers are eager to close further deals on the film.

Germany, France, Italy and Australia have joined the UK and US as bidders for the romantic psychological drama, which Nordisk Film International Sales sold to Japan's Gaga, Switzerland's Xenix Film and Greece's AMA among others during the festival.

Reconstruction is a about a photographer, Alex, who abandons his girlfriend, Simone, to pursue the beautiful Aimee. It stars Denmark's Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Open Hearts) as Alex, while Norway's Marie Bonnevie (I Am Dina) plays both women.

"If you want to do something about young passion and love, you have to do it while you're still that age," the 29 year-old Boe told Screen Daily.

"That is if you want to do it in the feeling and not look back on it. I'm interested in the struggle to find, understand and capture love, it was an obvious choice. I wanted to do it with the passion, the confusion and desire there is in young love, so now was the time to do it," added Boe.

The creative team behind Reconstruction, Hr. Boe & Co., is a group dating back to the National Film School consisting of writer-director Boe, producer Tine Grew Pfeiffer, DoP Manuel Alberto Claro and sound designer Morten Green.

The film is the second to be made under Nordisk Film's Director's Cut concept headed by producers Ake Sandgren and Lars Kjeldgaard.

The impressive reception Boe's feature debut had in Cannes should also make it easy for him to finishing his second film, The Prediction, which is already in postproduction.

Written by Mogens Rukov (It's All About Love) from an idea by Boe, the no-budget film was shot in just four weeks while the team was waiting for a green light on Reconstruction.

It follows a man (Nicolas Bro), who is told that he is about to die, and then travels around Europe in search of a man who might be able to help him.

"He is a big fat man not at all used to the world, and suddenly he is forced to travel and communicate in foreign languages and all those things," Boe explains. "He is literally running through Europe, and that is what we see."

Post-production on The Prediction will be done in collaboration with Zentropa.