CANADA February 9 2004


(Amy Dearborn Has A Ghost Inc) Budget: $2.2m. Backers: Telefilm Canada. Thriller. The parents of a kidnapped girl turn to her imaginary playmate, who is in fact a ghost, for help in locating their daughter. Prod: Rosanne Milliken. Dir: Josef Rusnak. Scr: Carl Binder. Main cast: Jon Voight, Cary Elwes, Saffron Burroughs. Shooting in Vancouver in February for four weeks.
Contact: (1) 604 639 1802


(Attika Pictures) Black comedy. Five people and a five dollar come together to determine whether signs exist. Prods: Stephanie Gossett, Will Schneider, Pawel Maj. Dir: Pawel Maj. Scr: Will Schneider. DoP: Keith Young. Main cast: Brody Harms, Marco Galvani, Leedine Lah. Shooting in Vancouver from Jan 12 until Jan 26.
Contact: Attika Pictures, (1) 604 221 0861

(Brightlight Pictures. Gold Circle Films [UK]) Backers: Telefilm Canada, DCMS. Comedy. Brokenhearted and at risk of losing his job, Ed is whisked off on a wild long weekend by his brother to help him find sex and revive his career. Prods: Paul Brooks, Shawn Williamson, Stephen Hegyes. Dir: Pat Holden. Scr: Tad Safran. DoP: Brian Pearson. Ed: Martin Brinkler. Main cast: Chris Klein, Brendan Fehr. Shooting in Vancouver from Jan 12 until Feb 25.
Contact: Long Weekend Productions, (1) 604 453 4725

(Christal Films) Budget: $3.45m. Backers: Telefilm, SODEC, TVA, Astral Media. Int'l sales/Canadian dist: Christal Films. Comedy. Alice Malenfant is a carefree 37-year-old columnist and party animal with no intention of settling down, let alone bearing children; when she finds herself pregnant all hell breaks loose. Prods: Christian Larouche, Pierre Gendron. Line Producer: Carole Vaillancourt. Dir: Francois Bouvier. Scr: Nathalie Petrowski. DoP: Allen Smith. Main cast: Sophie Lorain, Patrick Huard, Stephane Demers, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Patricia Nolin. Shooting in Montreal from Jan 11 until Feb 12.
Contact: Elizabeth Butikofer, Christal Films, (1) 514 336 9696


(Rhombus Media). Budget: $2m. Backers: Telefilm Canada, The Movie Network, Movie Central, CITY TV. Int'l sales: Rhombus International. Dist: TVA Films (Canada). Comedy. America's most-famous child star has a crisis of confidence only to be saved by his set-driver, a Canadian independent film-maker. Prods: Niv Fichman, Daniel Iron, Jennifer Jonas. Dir: Don McKellar. Scr: McKellar, Michael Goldbach. Editor: Reg Harkma. Cast: Don McKellar, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mark Rendall, Gil Bellows, Dave Foley, Eric Stoltz.
Contact: Sheena Macdonald, Rhombus International, (1) 416 971 7856