(Golden Horse Productions) Budget: C$1.5m. Backers:Telefilm Canada, B.C. Film, Harold Greenberg Fund, CanWest Fund. Dist: MongrelMedia (Can). Family Drama. A young Chinese-Canadian girl struggles tounderstand the death of her grandmother and her older sister's conversion toChristianity. Exec prod: Erik Paulsson Prod: Paulsson, Shan Tam, Yves Ma. Dir:Julia Kwan. Scr: Kwan. Prod des: Mary-Ann Liu. Shooting in Vancouver from July26 to August 27, 2004.
Contact: Erik Paulsson, Red Storm Productions, (1) 604 254 1346

(Norlane Entertainment) Sci-fi thriller. Three travellers enter a house seekinghelp. They find themselves in a nexus point where many realities exist. In oneof those realities, one of them is a brutal killer. Prods: Melanie Arden,Michel Plaxton. Dir/scr: David King-Pin Lei. Mus: James White, Kassen Oud. Maincast: William Poulin. Shooting in Toronto from September 10, 2004 untilSeptember 20, 2004.
Contact: Melanie Arden, Norlane Entertainment, (1) 905 986 1015

(Creative Engine Pictures, Brightlight Pictures). Budget: C$1.2m. Backers: CHUMTelevision, BC Film. SODEC. Horror. Sylvia's teenaged life is turned upsidedown when she discovers she has a bizarre virus which has randomly plagued thewomen in her community for decades and shamefully forced those afflicted intohiding. ProdS: Larisa Andrews, Erin Haskett. Supervising Prod: Cynthia Chapman.Exec prods: Shawn Williamson, Stephen Hegyes. Dir: John Paizs. Scr: AnthonyGrieco. DOP: Danny Nowak. Prod des: Tink. Music: Pat Caird. Ed: Karen Porter.Shooting: Vancouver Island from June 28 until July 20, 2004.
Contact: Erin Haskett or Larisa Andrews, Creative Engine Pictures, (1) 778 8934225 or (1) 604 767 2171

(Cirrus Productions, Les Films Locomotions) Budget: C$5.5m. Backer: TelefilmCanada. Dist: Equinoxe Films (Can). Romance. Maddie is a marriage and sextherapist but when her boyfriend rejects her marriage proposal and leaves her,she is confronted with the harsh realization that she knows nothing of thehuman heart and modern love. Exec prods: Jacques Blain, Denis Martel, RichardSpeer and Marc S Grenier. Prods: Pierre Even, Christiane Ciupka. Dir: JacquesFournier. Scr: Charles Dahan.
Contact: Anne-Marie Laurin, Cirrus Communications, (1) 514 270 1918

(Serendipity Point Films, Ego Film Arts). Backers: Telefilm Canada. Thriller. Ayoung celebrity journalist tracks the secrets of a showbiz duo who were drivenapart by a bizarre death in which one of them may have played the part ofmurderer. Prods: Robert Lantos, Atom Egoyan. Co-prod: Sandra Cunningham.Dir/scr: Atom Egoyan, based on the novel "Where The Truth Lies" by RupertHolmes. Shooting from Aug 31 in Toronto.
Contact: Serendipity Point Films, (1) 416 960 0300


(Cirrus Productions, Crazy Films Inc.) Budget: C$6.4m. Backers: TelefilmCanada, Harold Greenberg Fund, SODEC, Super Ecran, TVA Films. Dist: TVA Films(Canada). Drama. A story of two love affairs. A father's love for his fivesons. And one son's love for his father, a love so strong it compels him tolive a lie. Exec prods: Jacques Blain, Richard Speer. Prod: Pierre Even.Co-prod: Jean-Marc Vallee. Dir: Jean-Marc Vallee. Scr: Jean-Marc Vallee andFrancois Boulay. DoP: Pierre Mignot. Ed: Richard Jutras. Prod des: PatriceBricault Vermette. Main cast: Michel Cote, Danielle Proulx, Marc-Andre Grondin,Pierre-Luc Brillant,, Mariloup Wolfe. Shooting in Montreal from April 26 untilJune 15 and in Morocco from June 28 until July 2004.
Contact: Anne-Marie Laurin, Cirrus Communications, (1) 514270 1918

(Quadrant Motion Pictures Inc, Piece Of Mind Pictures Inc.) Budget: C$2.5m.Backers: BC Film, CWIP, Thunderbird Films, Piece of Mind Pictures. Int'l sales:Thunderbird Films Inc. Dist: Equinoxe Films (Canada). Psychological thriller.Elizabeth and Laurel are best friends. But when Laurel discovers they've beensharing her husband, an explosive incident occurs. Exec prods: Scott Weber,Michael Shepard, Tim Gamble. Prod: Mary Anne Waterhouse. Dir: Scott Weber. Scr:Glynis Davies. DoP: Randall Platt. Ed: Roger Mattuissi. Prod des: Dina Holmes.Music: Graeme Coleman. Main cast: Helene Joy, Jennifer Beals, Ed Begley Jr.,Lotthaire Bluteau, Ian Tracey. Shooting in Sunshine Coast, BC from May 24, 2004until June 18, 2004.
Contact: Mary Anne Waterhouse, Quadrant Motion Pictures Inc, (1) 604 685 5435

(Producers On Davie) Backers: Telefilm Canada, City TV, BCFILM, Movie Central,Domino Pictures. Drama. A story of love and honor between two eighteenyear-olds'a street kid and a soldier from the Second World War. Prod: HarrySutherland, Cari Green, Dennis Tal. Dir: Richard Bell. Scr: Richard Bell. DoP:Kevin Van Niekerk. Com: Bramwell Tovey. Main cast: Brendan Fletcher, CarlyPope, Christian Campbell, Alan Cumming, Ian McKellen. Shooting in VancouverJune 21 to July 16, 2004.
Contact: Tara Knudson, Producers On Davie, (1) 604 801 5256

(Melbar Entertainment) Backers: Bravo!, The Movie Network. Int'l sales:THINKFilm. Dist: THINKFilm (Canada/US). Documentary feature. The life and timesof Lew Wasserman, one of Hollywood's last great powerbrokers. Exec prod: BarryAvrich, Nat Brescia. Prod: Tori Hockin. Dir: Avrich. Featuring: GarthDrabinsky, Sydney Pollock, Richard Zanuck, Robert Evans. Shooting in Hollywood,New York and London.
Contact: Melbar Entertainment, (1) 416 822 2555

(Conquering Lion Productions) Backers: Telefilm Canada. Int'l sales: THINKFilm.Dist: THINKFilm (Canada/US). Erotic drama. Two attractive young people haveavoided conventional relationships in favour of casual and daring sex. Whenthey meet, they must deal with the possibility of falling in love. Prod: DamonD'Oliveira, Clement Virgo. Dir: Clement Virgo. Scr: Virgo, Tamara Faith Berger,based on her novel. Main cast: Eric Balfour, Lauren Lee Smith. Shooting inToronto from June 16.
Contact: THINKFilm, (1) 416 488 0037


(Rampage Entertainment [Can], Huw Penalt Jones [UK]) Budget: C$30m. Backer:Franchise Pictures. Int'l sales: Mobius International. Action/thriller. Execprods: Steve Chasman, Huw Penalt Jones. Prods: Michael Derbas, Gavin Wilding.Dir/scr: Tony Giglio. DoP: Richard Greatrex. Prod des: Chris August. Main cast:Jason Statham, Ryan Phillipe, Wesley Snipes, Justine Waddell, Henry Czerny.
Contact: Michael Derbas, Avrio Filmworks, (1) 604 924 1976

(Darius Films). Backers: Telefilm Canada, Harold Greenberg Fund, CTF. Dist:Odeon /Alliance Atlantis (Can). Comedy. Outlaw music legend Guy Terrifico isremembered by friends and admirers through a series of flash backs from the1970s. But is he really dead' With a new album soon to be released thequestions continue. Exec prods. Bryan Gliserman, Palmer West. Prod: Nicholas D.Tabarrok. Dir/scr: Michael Mabbott. DoP: Adam Swica. Ed. Garreth Scales. Proddes: Rupert Lazarus. Music: Matt Murphy, Michael Mabbott, Kris Kristofferson.Main cast: Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, Ronnie Hawkins, Levon Helm, MattMurphy.
Contact: Nicholas D.Tabarrok, Darius Films Inc, (1) 416 922 0007

(Darius Films, Punk Films) Backers: Private. Int'lsales: Shoreline Entertainment. Drama. Dr. Goode travels from the city to thebarren regions of the north, to heal the daughter of a morally corruptindustrialist. With his own past haunting him, Goode risks everything in orderto confront his darkness and find his heart. Exec prod. Ram Fakeer. Prods:Nicholas D Tabarrok, Ingrid Veninger, Anais Granofsky. Dir: Anais Granofsky.Scr: Anais Granofsky, Ingrid Veninger. DoP: D. Gregor Hagey. Ed. Ron Sanders.Prod des: Diana Abbatangelo. Music: John Welsman. Main Cast: Peter Stebbings,Clark Johnson, Jackie Burroughs, Ingrid Veninger, Charles Officer.
Contact: Nicholas D Tabarrok, Darius Films Inc, (1) 416 922 0007

(Producers On Davie) Backers: National Film Board, Vision TV, BCFILM FeatureFilm Fund, Rogers Fund. Theatrical documentary. Prods: Cari Green, Harry Sutherland,Tracey Friesen. Dir: Velcrow Ripper. Scr: Velcrow Ripper.
Contact: Tara Knudson, Producers On Davie, (1) 604 801 5256