CANADA - October 29


(Cirrus Productions/ Les Films Locomotions) Budget: $4.1m. Backer: TelefilmCanada. Dist: Equinoxe Films (Canada). Romance. Maddie is a marriage and sextherapist but when her boyfriend rejects her marriage proposal and leaves her,she is confronted with the harsh realization that she knows nothing of thehuman heart and modern love. Exec prods: Jacques Blain, Denis Martel, RichardSpeer and Marc S. Grenier. Prods: Pierre Even, Christiane Ciupka. Dir: Jacques Fournier.Scr: Charles Dahan.
Contact: Anne-Marie Laurin, Cirrus Communications +1 514 270 1918.

(Seville Productions, Haut et Court [France]).Budget: Euros 4m. Backers: Telefilm Canada, SODEC, Seville Pictures, CelluloidDreams, CNC, France 3, Canal +, TPS, Haut et Court, Soficas. Int'l sales:Celluloid Dreams. Dist: Seville Pictures Distributors (Canada), Haut et Court(France). Drama. Three lonely women in their fifties travel south every year tofind adventure and romance. This year'strip will change the women forever. Prods: Carole Scotta, Caroline BenjoCo-prods: David Reckziegel, John Hamilton. Dir: Laurent Cantet. Scr: LaurentCantet, Robin Campillo (based on previous works by Dany Laferriere). DoP:Pierre Millon. Ed: Robin Campillo. Main cast: Charlotte Rampling, LouisePortal. Shooting in Haiti and Dominican Republic from January 2005 until March2005.
Contact: David Reckziegel, Seville Productions, +1 514 841 1910

(Chesler/Perlmutter Productions, Atlantic FilmProd. [UK]) Budget: $3.5m. Int'l sales: Cinema Vault. Dist: Chesler/Perlmutter(Canada). Monster horror. Exec prods: Lewis B. Chesler, David M. Perlmutter,Alan Harris. Prods: Tim Dennison, Rob Vaughn. Dir: Simon Hunter. Scr: KevinCommins. Ed: Marvin Lawrence. Shooting in London, England from January 27,2005until March 4 2005
Contact: David Perlmutter, Chesler/Perlmutter, +1 416 927 0016.


(Cite-Amerique) Budget: $3.2m. Backers.Telefilm Canada. SODEC, Harold Greenberg Fund, Radio-Canada. Christal Films.Dist: Christal Films (Canada). Drama. Approaching 40, a man confronts hissecret dream to become an actor. Prods: Lorraine Richard, Luc Martineau.Dir/scr: Luc Picard. DoP: Pierre Jodoin. Prod des: Patrice Bengle. Ed: GaetanHuot. Main cast: Luc Picard, Suzanne Clement, Alexis Martin, Denis Bernard,Robert Lepage. Shooting in Montreal from Oct. 3 to Nov. 16, 2004.
Contact: Julie Armstrong-Boileau, Christal Films, +1 514 336 4054, ext. 3124.

(Cinemaginaire). Backers: Telefilm Canada.SODEC. Dist: Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm (Canada). Drama. Period drama about ayoung girl's tragic life and death at an early age and the trial of hernegligent father and step-mother. Prod: Denise Robert, Daniel Louis. Dir/scr: LucDionne.
Contact: Cinemaginaire +1 514 272 5505.

(Norlane Entertainment Inc.) Sci-fi thriller.Three travellers enter a house seeking help.They find themselves in a nexus point where many realities exist. In one of those realities, one of them is abrutal killer. Prods: Melanie Arden, Michel Plaxton. Dir: David King-Pin Lei.Scr: David King-Pin Lei. DoP: Joe Freitas. Prod des: Alex Davies. Mus: James White, Kassen Oud. Main cast: BillPoulin, Stephanie Galli, Todd McGuinness. Shooting in Toronto and Brampton,Ontario from Sept. 11, 2004 untilOctober 30, 2004.
Contact: Melanie Arden, Norlane Entertainment Inc., +1 905 986 1015.

(Go Film). Backers: Telefilm, SODEC. Dist:Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm (Canada). Comedy. The story involves a group offriends in their thirties each confronted by their respective girlfriends'biological clock. Dir: Ricardo Trogi. Scr: Ricardo Trogi, Jean-Pierre Pearson,Patrice Robitaille. Shooting from Oct. 4 to Nov. 12, 2004 in Montreal.
Contact: Go Film, +1 514 844 0271.

(ACPAV) Budget: .$2.7m. Backers: TelefilmCanada, SODEC, Canadian Television Fund-PDD, Harold Greenberg Fund,Radio-Canada, Super Ecran. Dist: K-Films Amerique (Canada). Drama. A cynicaldoctor is transformed by her encounter with a mentally-challenged man seekinghelp for his ailing mother. Prod: Bernadette Payeur. Dir/scr: Bernard Emond.DoP: Jean-Claude Labrecque. Ed: Louise Cote. Prod des: Gaudeline Sauriol.Music: Robert-Marcel Lepage. Main cast:Elise Guilbault, Patrick Drolet. Shooting in Montreal and Charlevoix fromSeptember 13 until October 29.
Contact: ACPAV +1 514 849 2281

(Christal Films) Backers: Telefilm Canada.SODEC, Super Ecran, Harold Greenberg Fund, Radio-Canada. Dist: Christal Films(Canada). Int'l sales: Christal Films. Drama. A young musician returns homefrom her studies in Italy to investigate the mysterious disappearance of hermother. Prod: Pierre Gendron, Christian Larouche. Dir: Jean Beaudin. Scr:Joanne Arseneau. DoP: Pierre Mignot. Prod des: Emmanuel Frechette. Ed:Jean-Francois Bergeron. Mus: Jean Robitaille. Main cast: Karine Vanasse, MaximGaudette, Marie-Therèse Fortin, Robert Lalonde, Michel Dumont. Shooting fromOctober to December 2004 in Montreal, the Madeleine Islands and Florence,Italy.
Contact: Julie Armstrong-Boileau, Christal Films, +1 514 336 4054, ext. 3124.

(Productions Jeux D'Ombres, Grana Productions).Budget: $1.5m. Backers: Telefilm Canada,NB Film. Int'l sales: Seville Pictures International. Dist: SevillePictures (Canada) Comedy. Three teenage girls seduce and then attempt to shareKeith, an older married man. It is a story of innocence, jealousy andfriendship told as a provocative coming-of-age tale. Exec prods: Anne-MarieGelinas, Sam Grana, John Hamilton. Prods: Anne-Marie Gelinas, Sam Grana, Andrew Noble. Dir/scr: John Hazlett. DoP:Alex Vendler. Prod des: Paryse Normandin. Main cast: David Boreanaz, Caroline Dhavernas, Amanda Walsh, Holly Lewis.Shooting in Shediac, New Brunswick fromOct. 5, 2004 until Nov. 7, 2004
Contact: Anne-Marie Gelinas,Productions Jeux D'Ombres, +1 514 523 9933

(Recorded Picture Company [UK], Capri Films)Budget: $15m. Int'l sales: HanWay. Psychological thriller. A modern gothicfantasy tale in the tradition of Alice In Wonderland that celebrates the powerof child's imagination. Prod: Jeremy Thomas. Dir: Terry Gilliam. Scr: TonyGrisoni and Terry Gilliam, based on Mitch Cullin's novel. DoP: Nicola Pecorini.Cast: Jodelle Ferland, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Tilly, Janet McTeer, BrendanFletcher. Shooting from Sept 27, 2004, for 10 weeks in Saskatechewan, Canada.
Contact: Hanway Films, +44 207 290 0750

(Serendipity Point Films). Co-prod: GrosvenorPark (UK). Budget: $23m. Backers: First Choice Films, Telefilm Canada, AstralMedia, Corus
Entertainment. Int'l sales: Summit Entertainment. Dist: THINKFilm (Canada).Thriller. A young celebrity journalist tracks the secrets of a showbiz duo whowere driven apart by a bizarre death in which one of them may have played thepart of murderer. Prod: Robert Lantos. Co-prod: Chris Chrisafis, SandraCunningham. Dir/scr: Atom Egoyan, based on the novel by Rupert Holmes. DoP:Paul Sarossy. Ed: Susan Shipton. Prod des: Phillip Barker. Mus: Mychael Danna.Main cast: Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth, Alison Lohman. Shooting in Toronto, LosAngeles and London from Aug. 29 until Nov. 5, 2004.
Contact: Wendy Safffer, Serendipity Point Films, +1 416 967 7074


(Cirrus Productions/Crazy Films Inc.) Budget:$5.1m. Backers: Telefilm Canada, Harold Greenberg Fund, SODEC, Super Ecran, TVAFilms. Dist: TVA Films (Canada). Drama. A story of two love affairs. A father'slove for his five sons. And one son's love for his father, a love so strong itcompels him to live a lie. Exec prods: Jacques Blain, Richard Speer. Prod:Pierre Even. Co-prod: Jean-Marc Vallee. Dir: Jean-Marc Vallee. Scr: Jean-MarcVallee and Francois Boulay. DoP: Pierre Mignot. Ed: Richard Jutras. Prod des: Patrice Bricault Vermette. Main cast:Michel Cote, Danielle Proulx, Marc-Andre Grondin, Pierre-Luc Brillant,,Mariloup Wolfe.
Contact: Anne-Marie Laurin, Cirrus Communications, 1 514 270 1918.

(Quadrant Motion Pictures Inc./Piece Of Mind PicturesInc.) Budget: $2m. Backers: BC Film, CWIP, Thunderbird Films, Piece of MindPictures. Int'l sales: ThunderbirdFilms Inc. Dist: Equinoxe Films (Canada). Psychological thriller. Elizabeth andLaurel are best friends. But when Laurel discovers they've been sharing herhusband, an explosive incident occurs. Exec prods: Scott Weber, MichaelShepard, Tim Gamble. Prod: Mary Anne Waterhouse. Dir: Scott Weber. Scr: Glynis Davies. DoP: Randall Platt. Ed: RogerMattuissi. Prod des: Dina Holmes. Music: Graeme Coleman. Main cast: Helene Joy,Jennifer Beals, Ed Begley Jr., Lotthaire Bluteau, Ian Tracey. Delivery set formid-November.
Contact: Mary Anne Waterhouse. Quadrant Motion Pictures Inc., +1 604 685 5435

(Producers On Davie) Backers: Telefilm Canada,CITY TV, Movie Central, The Movie Network, BC Film, TLA Releasing, CanadianWestern Independent Producers Fund, Film Incentive BC. Dist: Domino Film andTelevision International (Canada), TLA Releasing (US theatrical). Drama. Astory of love and honor between two eighteen year-olds'a street kid and asoldier from the Second World War. Prod: Harry Sutherland, Cari Green, DennisTal. Dir/scr: Richard Bell. DoP: Kevin Van Niekerk. Prod des: Thom Ward. Ed:Grace Yeun. Mus: Bramwell Tovey & The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Maincast: Brendan Fletcher, Carly Pope, Alan Cumming, Ian McKellen, Mark Hildreth.
Contact: Harry Sutherland, Producers On Davie, 1 604 801 5256.

(Melbar Entertainment) Backers: Bravo!, TheMovie Network. Int'l sales: THINKFilm. Dist: THINKFilm (Canada/US). Documentaryfeature. The life and times of Lew Wasserman, one of Hollywood's last greatpowerbrokers. Exec prod: Barry Avrich, Nat Brescia. Prod: Tori Hockin. Dir:Barry Avrich. Featuring: Garth Drabinsky, Sydney Pollock, Richard Zanuck,Robert Evans.
Contact: Melbar Entertainment, +1 416 822 2555

(Conquering Lion Productions) Backers: TelefilmCanada. Int'l sales: THINKFilm. Dist: THINKFilm (Canada/US). Erotic drama. Twoattractive young people have avoided conventional relationships in favour ofcasual and daring sex. When they meet, they must deal with the possibility offalling in love. Prod: Damon D'Oliveira, Clement Virgo. Dir: Clement Virgo.Scr: Virgo, Tamara Faith Berger, based on her novel. Main cast: Eric Balfour,Lauren Lee Smith. Delivery expected early January.
Contact: THINKFilm, +1 416 488 0037.

(Indian Grove Productions, Muse EntertainmentEnterprises, Buffalo Gal Pictures, Niagara Productions Ltd. [UK]) Budget:$5.5m. Backers: Manitoba Film and Sound, Telefilm, Mongrel Media, ChristalFilms, CTF, Soda Pictures, Aquarius UK Equity, Park Entertainment. Int'l sales:Park Entertainment (UK). Dist: Mongrel Media (English Canada), Christal Films(French Canada), Soda Pictures (UK). Dark comedy about people in crisis whoselives intersect at a run-down motel in Niagara Falls. Exec prods: TomParkhouse, Jackie Quella. Prods: Bernard Zukerman, Michael Prupas, PhyllisLaing, Terrence Potter. Dir: Gary Yates. Scr: George F. Walker & DaniRomain. DoP: Ian Wilson. Ed: SimonCozens. Prod des: Deanne Rohde. Main cast: Craig Ferguson, Anna Friel, WendyCrewson, Kevin Pollak, Caroline Dhavernas, Peter Keleghan.
Contact: Michael Prupas or Betty Palik, Muse Entertainment Enterprises, 514-866-6873;;

(Max Films) Budget: $4.2m. Int'l sales: MaxFilms International. Dist: Christal Films (Canada). Sci-fi thriller. Asuspenseful tale about the mysteries of human disappearance and cloning. Prods:Roger Frappier, Luc Vandal. Dir/scr: Robin Aubert. DoP: Steve Asselin. Ed: Michel Arcand. Prod des: David Pelletier.Mus: Yves Desrosiers. Main cast: Francois Chenier, Pierre Collin, PatriceRobitaille, Alexis Martin, Monique Mercure, Monique Miler, Isabelle Blais.
Contact: Alexandra Wermester, Max Films International, +1 514 282 8444.

(Max Films) Budget: $3.5m. Int'l sales: MaxFilms International.Dist: Christal Films (Canada). Dramatic Comedy. Twobrothers who have nothing in common apart from the father who raised them,reunite to save him from falling apart both physically and financially. Prods:Roger Frappier, Luc Vandal. Dir/Scr:Sebastien Rose. DoP: Nicolas Bolduc. Ed:Dominique Fortin. Prod des: Serge Bureau. Mus: Pierre Desrochers. Maincast: Raymond Bouchard, David La Haye, Paul Ahmarani, Helene Florent.

Contact: Alexandra Wermester, Max FilmsInternational, 514 282 8444.