Members of Canadian performers guild ACTRA voted on Friday overwhelmingly in favour of the new independent production agreement negotiated between ACTRA and the Canadian Film and Television Production Association (CFTPA) and the Association des producteurs de films et de television du Quebec.

The CFTPA also represented the interests of US production companies shooting in Canada, including the major studios.

The vote follows ACTRA's first-ever strike, a six-week affair that cost the production community a reported $350m before it was resolved in February. Pointing to a record return vote of 98.7% in favour, ACTRA president Richard Hardacre said the strike victory 'could not have been achieved without the strength and solidarity of the ACTRA membership.'

The agreement covers all performers in all independent film and television productions across Canada, with the exception of British Columbia where actors are represented by the Union of BC Performers.

ACTRA members will receive a 10 per cent increase over the next three years including a one per cent increase into retirement contributions, and a comprehensive new agreement for productions made for and converted to new media.