Canadian producer CameliaFrieberg is set to become a triple threat, co-writing and directing her firstfeature film, A Stone's Throw.

Production of the $1m filmwill be through her Halifax-based Palpable Pictures. Garfield Lindsay Miller, aVictoria-based writer and producer of documentaries, collaborated on thescreenplay. The film will shoot on location in February 2006 for three weeks.

The story follows the returnto Nova Scotia of a prodigal, an investigative reporter andphoto-journalist based in the US, who has come to visit his sister and her childrenafter a long absence. As he settles into rural life, he falls for a localprimary school teacher and all seems well'until US federal agents make it knownthat he is a fugitive.

Frieberg produced some ofthe best films in English-Canada through the 1990s, including SrinivasKrishna's Masala (1991) and Atom Egoyan's Exotica (1994) and TheSweet Hereafter (1997). She executive produced Deepa Mehta's Bollywood/Hollywood(2002). Her latest production, Amnon Buchbinder's Whole New Thing, makesits world premiere in TIFF's Contemporary World Cinema programme.

Frieberg told ScreenInternational she planned to use the same crew from Whole New Thingon the new film, as well Whole New Thing lead Aaron Webber - the onlycasting to date.