Canal Plus has finally made its definitive move into made-for-TV feature production in Spain, striking a four-year accord with regional network Television de Galicia (TVG).

The partners, which collaborated last year on TV movie La Rosa De Piedra, are to co-produce TV movies, documentaries, fiction series and short films. According to sources at Canal, the move could spawn as many as 12 TV movies over the next four years.

All product will get a second, free-to-air broadcast on TVG under the agreement, which was signed last Friday in Santiago de Compostela by Canal Plus general director Jose Manuel Lorenzo and TVG general director Francisco Campos Freire.

Amongst the projects in the works are an animated series based on popular fairy tale El Bosque Animado and several documentaries. A fiction series is also expected to be developed based on Galician literary works.

The agreement kicks off with a series of short films titled Seis Miradas De Compostela. The shorts already completed and slotted for broadcast on Canal Plus this week.

Canal has long been rumoured to be plotting a grand entrance into producing TV movies and mini-series. The pay-TV giant already supports the local production sector by pre-buying pay-TV rights to feature films and co-producing short films.