Tenerife's local government has formed a film commission to encourage international productions to shoot on the island.

The Tenerife Film Commission (TFC) is 40% backed by private industry on the island but the local government controls 51% through the Society to Promote Foreign Tourism (SPET).

The Canary Islands, of which Tenerife is part, already has one commission - the Canarias Film Commission. The two commissions will collaborate and have a close working relationship: 'We understand that we must promote all of the islands to the world,' said the TFC's Antje Groch.

The Canaries have long drawn film and television companies from all over Europe including Austria's Wortherseefilm, German television stations RTL, Pro 7 and ARD and Sweden's STRIX Television. Though yet to produce anything in the Canaries, Warner Bros has visited and expressed interest in using the islands.

The island's landscapes include beaches, volcanoes, submerged mountain ranges and desert.