Twenty-five years after his successful film about Australia’s greatest environmental catastrophe, Mark Lewis revisits the cane toad as it continues its journey across Australia. Using stylized 3D cinematography, Mark Lewis complements the films environmental theme with engaging characters and his own trademark irreverence and humour.

Prod company: Radio Pictures

Partners: Participant Media, Discovery Studios, Screen Australia

Producer: Mark Lewis

US Sales: Diane Weyerman, Participant Media

 Int’l sales: Mark Lewis, Radio Pictures

 Australian distrib: Madman

Director: Mark Lewis

Screenplay: Mark Lewis

DOP: Paul Nichola, Toby Oliver, Kathryn Milliss

Production design: Daniel C Nyiri

Cast: Thousands of cane toads Australia wide.

Locations: Most of Northern Australia

Shooting: from October 2008 to April 2009

Contact: Mark Lewis, Radio Pictures, + 61 2 6684 6884

Status: Post-production