The Cannes Film Festival has announced the six participants participating in the 18th session of the Cinefondation Residence.

The filmmakers are from Israel, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Guatemala and Chile. There are four first-time and two sophomore directors in the bunch.

The six filmmakers will spend four and a half months honing their first or second feature while meeting with executives and creatives from the local industry. The 18th session of the Residence runs from March 1 to July 15.

The Residence has enjoyed great success since its inception in 2000. The Cannes festival reports that 65% of the projects it has supported over the years have been produced and, for the most, part distributed. There are currently a further 22 films in pre-production that hail from the programme.

The selected filmmakers and projects for 2009 are:

Yael Gidron* (Israel) Nature Film

Rafael Kapelinski* (Poland) Up on The Roof

Martin Turk* (Slovenia) Feed Me With your Words

Andreas Bolm* (Germany) The Revenant

Julio Hernandez Cordon (Guatemala) Dust

Esteban Larrain (Chile) La Vierge De Penablanca

*Denotes first film