According to British film-maker Lajaune Lincoln, it’s the sale agents you need to watch, not the fake accomodation sellers.

When we wrote a blog about people being scammed in Cannes, we were talking about dodgy accommodation sellers and pickpockets.

So we were surprised to receive an e-mail response from a UK film-maker, Lajaune Lincoln, who has written a black comedy, The One That Got Away, based around another kind of con artist in Cannes — a deviant sales agent who survives on free canapés and Champagne, and resorts to blackmail to save his ailing business. We can’t understand where he came up with that idea.

The screenplay is based on Lincoln and his business partner Sav Akyuz’s experiences of bringing their first feature for their production company Splitwigs, Other Side Of The Game, to Cannes in 2009. “Going around the sales agents’ stands was a bit like going to market stalls, where people are selling fruit and veg at a discount price,” he laughs.

“We are hoping to go into development later this year, provided the industry doesn’t find the material too close to home,” says Lincoln.
It’s one brave sales agent who takes this one on.