In a new initiativeCannes is to launch the "Atelier Du Festival" a project workshop designed tohelp young film-makers get their films off the ground.

The festival willthrow a large amount of resources at the Ateliers to help match the 18 projectsinitially selected with financiers and distributors.

"They will be given a personalised programme combiningparticipation in the daily life of the Festival, meetings with professionalsand screenings of their films," the festival said in a statement. The Ateliersare run by the Cinefondation and complements the Residence Du Festivalscreenwriting internship programme.
Project details will be circulated from the end of March and potentialco-producers will be able to arrange meetings online.

The 18 film-makers whoseprojects have been retained are:

- Fatmir Koci,Albania

- Ulricke VonRibbeck, Germany

- Lissandro Alonso,Argentina

- Joaquim Lafosse,Belgium

- Aida Bejic,Bosnia

- Yang Tchao, China

- Celia GalanJulve, Spain

- Davis Lambert,France

- Imunga Ivanga,Gabon

- Nariman Turebaev,Kazakhstan

- Som Ock Southonh,Laos

- Gerardo Naranjo,Mexico

- Tawfik Abu Wael,Palestine

- Encina Paz,Paraguay

- Josue Mendez,Peru

- Vladimir Perisic,Serbia

- Mahamat SalehHaroun, Chad

- Ryan Eslinger,US.