From starry commercial films to projects from world-renowned auteurs, Screen previews some of the hot Latin American projects in the market at Cannes. Click the sales company names below to navigate to the relevant websites.

Elaine Guerini in Sao Paulo

More than 30 Brazilian film companies will be at the market this year. Drama Filmes' highlight is Stray Dog, the new title from director Beto Brant (The Trespasser) about a man facing an existential crisis.

Dezenove Som e Imagens is selling veteran film-maker Carlos Reichenbach's Falsa Loura, about young female textile workers trying to cope in a violent, chauvinistic environment.

Nexus Cinema e Video is handling Budapest, an adaptation of the book by Chico Buarque, one of the key figures in Brazilian music. In pre-production, it is due to be filmed later this year and will be directed by one of the most acclaimed Brazilian cinematographers, Walter Carvalho (Central Station).

Diego Batlle in Buenos Aires

Jose Maria Morales' Wanda Vision is selling veteran director Fernando Solanas' Argentina Latente, a personal essay on the country's social and economic crisis. A co-production by Argentina's Cinesur, Spain's TVE and Wanda Vision and France's Les Films du Sud and Cine Manufacture, it is due for release in Argentina next month.

Chiara Arroyo in Mexico City

Imcine is showcasing young talent at this year's market, including Aaron Fernandez's debut film Used Parts (Partes Usadas) about a young man who turns to crime to pay a smuggler who will take him to the US, and Ernesto Contreras' debut film Blue Eyelids (Parpados Azules), a dark comedy that follows the romance of two lonely strangers, which took top prizes at Guadalajara.

Other titles include Ivan Humberto Avila Duenas' fantasy film Enlightened Blood (La Sangre Iluminada), Juan Patricio Riveroll's Opera and three documentaries: Memory Labyrinths (Los Laberintos De La Memoria) from director Guita Schyfter, Everardo Gonzalez Reyes' Artegio's Legends, and Bajo Juarez, The City Devouring Its Daughters (Bajo Juarez, La Ciudad Devorando A Sus Hijas), a shocking documentary from Alejandra Sanchez and Jose Antonio Cordero about crimes against women along the US-Mexico border.

Aside from Imcine projects, the only other films are co-productions represented by Spain's Filmax. These include Rigoberto Castaneda's Mexican horror Km 31, produced by Lemon Films and distributed in Mexico by Videocine and Altavista in most of the remaining territories, and another Lemon Films production, Sultans Of The South (Sultanes Del Sur) directed by Alejandro Lozano, and in post-production.

Also being sold by Filmax is thriller Violanchelo, the first project from Los Angeles-based producer Nick Spicer and Mexican director Alfonso Pineda-Ullo, which is set to shoot in Mexico City from June.