The number ofparticipants registered for the Cannes Film Market (May 11- 22) hasrisen to 6790, up 8% from last year's6260.

Professionalsfrom some 73 countries will attend, a rise from 67 in 2003. For the first timeJordan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Vietnam, Senegal and Nigeria will all berepresented. The number of Americans and British executives is also up with an18% increase for the former and 14% for the latter.

Buyers will also bepresent in higher numbers with 1350 so far registered versus 1223 last year.

With such a high demand for space in theRiviera and the Palais - French outfit Celluloid Dreams is moving to theRiviera this year - the market says new space will be made available in 2006and 2007.