The Netherlands’ Isabella Films and the UK’s Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME) are to co-produce two films, one in English, the other in Dutch and French.

Dutch director Martin Koolhoven will helm The Ugly (formerly known as Esau’s Daughter) from a screenplay by Robert Fusco and Koolhoven in spring 2010. It follows a gang of misfit cowboys led by brothers who accidentallysteal a side-show freak dubbed The Ugly, and begin showing her around the wild west for money. The cast have yet to be announced.

The film will be a Netherlands/UK/Spanish co-production with a budget in the region of $5.3m (€3.92m). It will shoot in southern Spain and post production will take place at London’s Molinare facility.

The second film will be directed by Vincent Bal. The Zig Zag Kid, which will be produced by Dutch partners Burny Bos’ BosBros and Isabella Films, will shoot in the south of France in 2010 and post production will takeplace in the UK.

Based on the novel by Israeli author David Grossmann, the film tells the story of a young boy who, while on a trip organised by his father, he teams up a crook and the pair end up with the police on their tail.