Distributor Dogwoof and UK retail group The Co-operative have formed a partnership to finance and distribute socially-conscious films theatrically

The first release will be Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country, which tells the story of the Democratic Voice of Burma and their role in the battle for a free and democratic Burma. The majority of the film consists of footage shot illegally using concealed cameras and follows young journalists who captured the recent uprisings. It will get a July release.

The Vanishing of The Bees, the second film to be released through the partnership, will be in UK cinemas in October. It will chart the decline in the worldwide bee population and has been shot across the globe over the past two years.

Dogwoof’s past social and environmental releases include Black Gold, which exposed unethical trading within coffee industry, The Devil Came On Horseback, an account of the Darfur crisis, and A Crude Awakening, which warned of the strain humans are putting on the world’s oil supplies.