MITIC - the showcase for new entertainment technologies which takes place in Cannes at the same time as the festival and market - has declared that all exhibition floor space at the event has been booked.

Located in the Palais des Festivals, MITIC (the Marche International des
Techniques et de l'Innovation du Cinema) has been running since 1998 as an official part of the film festival under the direction of the Cannes Marche.

Among the exhibiting companies are Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe, Barco, Thomson Multimedia Broadcast and Network Solutions, Barco, Beoing, Duboi/Duboicolor, Valkeiser Image, Dolby, Panamsat and Entertainment Technology Alliance.

Among the technologies represented are animation, audio technologies, post-production, digital cinema, visual effects, digital editing, high definition film transfer, internet design, LED outdoor display screens and screenwriting software.