One day before Lou Ye's SummerPalace screens in competition atCannes, the controversial film has yet to receive a greenlight from China'scensors, but according to the festival the competition screening will go ahead.

The film was made in Chinathrough official channels, but according to Chinese regulations, the censorshipcommittee of the Film Bureau must approve the completed film before it screensin overseas festivals.

It is expected to run intoproblems due to explicit sex scenes and references to sensitive politicalevents.

There are conflictingreports about whether the Film Bureau has seen the film or not, although it'sunderstood they received some materials this week. Summer Palace's official Cannes competition screening is scheduledfor Thursday night (May 18) while two press screenings are scheduled for today(Wednesday).

Set in the 1980s, the film follows the intenserelationship between two art students set against a backdrop of social unrestin China and Berlin.