Lineup includes retored prints of films by Bertolucci, Kubrick, Rosselini and Melies

The Cannes Film Festival has announced the lineup for Cannes Classics, the sidebar showcasing heritage cinema, re-discovered films and restored prints among others.

Fourteen films, five documentaries, a masterclass with Malcolm McDowell, new and restored prints and some surprises are in store for the 8th running of the event this year.

The films include a color version of Georges Méliès’ most famous film, A Trip To The Moon, which was believed lost but was found in 1993 and restored in 2010; a restored print of Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Conformist; the restored print of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange on its 40th anniversary and Roberto Rossellini’s The Machine To Kill Bad People, part of a restoration project of ten of the director’s films.

See below for a full list of titles.

A Trip To The Moon, dir: Georges Méliès (France, 1902)
A Clockwork Orange, dir: Stanley Kubrick (USA, 1971)
The MachineTo Kill Bad Peopl, dir: Roberto Rossellini (Italy, 1952)
A Bronx Tale, dir: Robert De Niro (USA, 1993)
The Conformist, dir: Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy, 1970)
Sugar Cane Alley, dir: Euzhan Palcy (France, 1983)
Puzzle Of A Downfall Child, dir: Jerry Schatzberg (USA, 1970)
The Law Of The Border, dir: Lufti O. Akad (Turkey, 1966)
No Man’s Land, dir: Victor Trivas (Germany, 1931)
The Children Of Paradise, dir: Marcel Carné (France, 1945)
Despair, dir: Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Germany, 1978)
The Savage, dir: Jean-Paul Rappeneau (France, 1975)
Chronicle Of A Summer, dir: Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin (France, 1966)
The Assassin, dir: Elio Petri (Italy, 1961)


The Look, dir: Angelica Maccarone (Germany / France, 2011)
Corman’s World: Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel, dir: Alex Stapleton (USA, 2011)
Belmondo … Itineraire, dir: Vincent Perrot and Jeff Domenech (France, 2011)
Kurosawa’s Way, dir: Catherine Cadou (France, 2011)
Once Upon a Time … A Clockwork Orange, dir: Antoine de Gaudemar and Michel Ciment (France, 2011)