Toronto-based Cinemavault has acquired international rights to the crime-thriller A Violent State [pictured] and sci-fi thriller Recreator.

Craig Morrow, Cinemavault VP acquisitions, negotiated both deals with each director: A Violent State director/producer Adrian Langley, and the other with Gregory Orr, writer/director/producer of Recreator.

A Violent State tells the story of a man trying to leave his life of crime behind him, but plans go awry when the evil from his past resurfaces. It doesn’t take long before violence is unleashed in the open streets and the city’s underworld erupts. The cast includes Adrian Langley, Rams Fax and Jessica Edwards.

Cannes will mark the first market presentation of A Violent State.

Recreator tracks three teenagers who stumble upon a secret lab and become part of a deadly experiment with evil human clones. The trio comes face-to-face with copies of themselves; clones whose only purpose is to kill their originals. The trio must destroy the lab and save themselves before they are replaced.