De Niro starred in Palme d’Or winning Taxi Driver in 1976.

Robert De Niro has been named president of this year’s Cannes Film Festival jury, organisers announced on Thursday. The invitation to Cannes is also an opportunity to pay tribute to De Niro as co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, organisers said.

De Niro has come to Cannes with films in selection eight times including two which won the Palme d’Or: 1976’s Taxi Driver and 1986’s The Mission.

Accepting the invitation to preside over this year’s jury, De Niro said: “The Cannes Film Festival is a rare opportunity for me as it is one of the oldest and one of the best in the world.” He added, “As co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival and the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, I have an increased appreciation for the jury, who serve, undertaking an important role in choosing films that are represented in the world of film at its highest level, and these types of festivals help connect the international film community and have a lasting cultural impact.”

Gilles Jacob and Thierry Fremaux also remarked, “Robert De Niro became a part of Cannes Festival history from his first appearance with Taxi Driver which won the Palme d’Or.”

The festival runs from May 11-22.