Seeking to create “a haven for the artists that I love and admire”, the actor has launched production company and film fund Wing And A Prayer Pictures and will attend Cannes to introduce the venture.

Perlman has teamed up with financiers Josh and Randy Crook. The plan is to produce and finance up to three dramas and elevated genre titles a year with A-list talent in the $3-10m range.

Jay Cohen of Gersh and Erik Kritzer and Brian Wilkins of Link Entertainment will assume management positions in the company.

Wilkins and Kritzer will serve as co-heads of production for Wing And A Prayer, while Cohen will act as advisory partner to source material, package projects and negotiate the film deals. 

Perlman, who just starred in the Amazon pilot Hand Of God directed by Marc Forster, will produce the features and may take acting and directing roles.

“I am looking to create a haven for the artists that I love and admire to do what it is that they do best, which is to create beautiful cinema,” said Perlman.

“I’ve always been of the mind that movies that appeal to our better angels, that are smart, evocative, original and visionary and movies that are profitable are not mutually exclusive of one another. Wing And A Prayer will strive to be exemplary of the great tradition passed down by generations of cinematic masters.”

“Ron has starred in over 70 movies and has witnessed many changes in the film business over his illustrious career… a career that has spanned four decades,” said Wilkins.

“He has made it his personal mission to seek out financiers who wish to invest in quality independent cinema and he has accomplished that with Wing And A Prayer Pictures, a company assembled by artists for artists that will dedicate it’s financing to expanding the opportunity for the emergence of fresh, original voices.

“Put simply, Wing And A Prayer will endeavour to unearth, very much like the 70s did, a new generation of Independent movie giants.”