Taiwan's Cape No. 7 has become the number one film at the Taipei box office in 2008, grossing over $4m.

Wei Te-sheng's debut film surged ahead of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and The Dark Knight at the weekend, but figures were not immediately available as Taiwan endured its biggest typhoon of the year. Nationwide figures now exceed $8m.

As the film approaches its seventh weekend on release, there are no signs that interest in Cape No. 7 is dropping. Two out of every three tickets sold in Taipei are now for the surprise hit whose market share has increased each week since its August 22 opening.

Under a new government subsidy scheme that rewards filmmakers with box office hits, director Wei Te-sheng is likely to receive over $2m towards his next feature. He plans to revive his long-planned epic Seediq Bale based on an aborigine uprising in 1930.

On the eve of the Asian Film Market, sales agent Good Films Workshop has announced deals to an undisclosed buyer in South Korea and to Festive Films in Singapore. In addition, Star Group has secured cable TV rights for seven territories.

In the ensemble comedy and love story, a group of diverse townspeople form a warm-up band for a Japanese musician performing in their seaside town. It is Taiwan's submission to the foreign-language film category of the US Academy Awards.