Capitol Films has taken over the financing of David Cronenberg's Spider after Cobalt Media Group dropped out on the eve of the shoot.

A spokesperson confirmed Cobalt was "no longer involved" in the psychological thriller, which is expected to start shooting within two weeks, a delay of a few weeks.

While the spokesperson declined to comment on the reasons behind the move, the company is understood to have struggled to pre-sell the project in some markets.

Cobalt's exit is the latest in a long line of financing twists for Spider, which was previously being set up at France's UGC.

The adaptation of Patrick McGrath's novel, which stars Ralph Fiennes and Miranda Richardson, is being produced through Catherine Bailey Productions and Charles Finch and Luc Roeg's London-based production management company Artists Independent Network. Finch and Roeg are also collaborating with Cobalt on Steve Barron's UK comedy Mike Bassett: England Manager.

Cobalt said it was still involved in other upcoming independent projects such as John Boorman's Knight's Castle, based on the novel by Edward Eager. The US and UK-based company, founded by NatWest/Coutts Bank's Rodney Payne, Hal Sadoff and Myles Nestel with financial advisors Alton Irby and Richard Milne, formed a sales arm under Peter Rogers this year. At Cannes, it struck a long-term financing deal with BBC Films and BBC Worldwide.