Rhys Ifans, Eddie Marsan, and Ben Whishaw, who is setvault to fame in the lead role of Tom Tykwer's Perfume later this year, will star in Pawel Pawlikowski's next film The Restraint Of Beasts. Capitol Films has boarded as worldwide sales agent.

Pawlikowskiand his My Summer of Love producer Tanya Seghatchian planto start shooting the project March 20 in the UK. The script is still in the works.

Thebudget, less than $5.2m (£3m), is being financed by BBC Films, the Wales Creative IPFund, and $1.1m (£650,000) from the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund.

TheRestraint of Beasts is a dark comedy about twoScottish fence-builders in the English countryside who accidentally startkilling people.

Pawlikowskisaid the film would be a "loose adaptation" of the book. "It will be slightlyabstract, a black comedy about power and domination and the ambiguousness ofthe English countryside," he said.

"Peopledivide and rule and mysterious things happen behind the horizon."

Inother news, an American financing deal is said to be on the horizon forPawlikowski's adaptation of DBC Pierre's Booker-winning Vernon God Little, which is being developed with FilmFour.

Thatproject is a black comedy about the aftermath of violence in an American high school.