Fresh from its European premiere at the Berlin FilmFestival, major Oscar contender Capote gets its first internationalopenings this weekend, a weekend that will otherwise see a few Hollywoodofferings starting their international runs and a few more continuing their roll-outs.

Biographical drama Capote, with Philip SeymourHoffman starring as author Truman Capote, opens on Feb 18 in Italy (on 70screens), Switzerland, Poland and New Zealand. Distributor Sony PicturesReleasing International (SPRI) is hoping that the Berlin exposure, as well as Capote'sfive Oscar and five BAFTA nominations, will help get the film off to a goodstart before it hits more major territories next weekend.

SPRI is also giving Lionsgate's domestic horror hit Hostelits first international openings this weekend, in Israel (on Feb 16) and Panama(Feb 17).

Fox International gives romantic comedy spoof Date Movie its first international openings (day and date with domestic) in Australia (223 prints on Feb 16) and Puerto Rico. The distributor is also opening female Western Bandidas in Mexico on Feb 17 with 300 prints.

Hollywood films already in the international arena,meanwhile, continue to fan out to fresh territories.

On Feb 17, the UK will get Paramount/UIP's Aeon Flux(which had grossed $6.2m internationally as of Feb 12) and Buena Vista International'sCasanova ($6.1m internationally to date).

Germany also gets Aeon Flux on Feb 16, together with Fox International's Lord of War (with 204 prints).

Spain gets Casanova on Feb 17 as well as Warner BrosInternational's Rumor Has It (which had amassed $26.9m outside the US asof Feb 13).

Fox International's Walk The Line (with its international total standing at $22m) opens in France on Feb 15 wih 272 prints.

Italy also gets Casanova on Feb 17, together withUniversal/UIP's Jarhead ($28.5m internationally up to Feb 12) and, on Feb 16, Walk The Line on 109 prints.

Across the rest of Europe, Universal/UIP's Nanny McPhee(international total $42.5m) opens in Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Sweden andNorway; Munich (international total $46.1m), fromDreamWorks/Universal/UIP, opens in Russia; Aeon Flux also opens in Portugal, Norway and Turkey; SPRI's The Fog (internationaltotal $9.5m) opens in Austria and Belgium; SPRI's Fun With Dick And Jane(international total $63.3m) opens in Belgium and Romania; SPRI's Memoirs ofa Geisha (international total from all territories $71.6m) opens in theCzech Republic, Serbia, Croatia and Norway; SPRI's Zathura(international total $21.5m) opens in Switzerland and Slovenia; Walk The Line opens in Slovenia, Latvia and Poland; Fox International's Big Momma's House 2 (international total $27m) opens in Holland; and BVI's Bambi2 (international total $10.5m) opens in Finland, Holland and Portugal.

In Latin America, Brazil gets Fox International's The Pink Panther (with an international total of $2.5m so far) on 200 prints, UIP's Doom and Bambi2 on Feb 17. Mexico gets Bambi 2 (also opening in Chile andVenezuela) on the same day.

Elsewhere in the region, Jarhead opens in Argentina;Universal/UIP's Pride and Prejudice opens in Chile; Nanny McPheein Panama and Peru; The Fog in Honduras; Fun With Dick And Janein Peru and Ecuador; and BVI/The Weinstein Co's Derailed (with $8minternationally to date) in Argentina.

In Asia, Japan gets Walk The Line (130 prints) and UIP's Skyfighters on Feb 18, Korea gets Big Momma's House 2 on Feb 16 with 20 prints, and China gets Fox International's Transporter 2 (whose internatinal total stands at $23.1m) on Feb 14 with 291 prints.

Walk The Line also opens in Thailand, The Pink Panther in Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines, Jarhead opens in Hong Kong, Pride and Prejudice in India, Munichin Taiwan, Aeon Flux in the Philippines, The Fog in Singapore,and Fun With Dick And Jane in Indonesia and Malaysia.

South Africa sees Feb 17 openings for Aeon Flux, Zathuraand UIP's The Machinist.

Casanova also opened in Australia on Feb 14 and BVIis hoping that with local boy Heath Ledger starring the film will perform well.

For three of its holdovers, BVI reported updatedinternational totals: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and TheWardrobe (which has yet to open in Japan) has reached $372.8m; ChickenLittle has amassed $152.8m; and Flightplan has grabbed $125.5m.