Danishfilmmaking veteran Henning Carlsen gets back behind the camera on May 28 whenhe starts shooting his new film Spinget(literally: The Jump), his first film since 1998.

The77 year-old writer-director's film follows an average 42 year old married manwho gets the rug pulled under him when he is told that he suffers from a deadlydisease - and reminds him of his childhood when his neighbour's daughterconvinced him to jump from a balcony with just a parasol as a parachute.

Thetwo parallel stories star Mikael Birkkjaer (Aftermath)and Peter Steen (Inheritance) as wellas Susanne Storm, Asger Reher, Lars Lunoe and Marina Bouras.

Itis produced by Carlsen in his Dagmar Film Produktion with distributor SF-Filmand backing from regional fund Film Fyn, broadcaster DR and the Danish FilmInstitute. Carlsen has had several films in Cannes, such as his breakthrough Hunger (Sult) in 1966, Are You Afraid in 1971 and A Happy Divorce in 1975.