Two new players have launched LA- and Barcelona-based theatrical distributor and consultant Casa Nova Films, specialising in the US Hispanic market.

Partners Joshua Gabel and Walter Cuculic, both experienced marketing and business management/development consultants, aim to build up to as many as eight Spanish-language releases per year for the Hispanic market, concentrating first on the Los Angeles area and eventually expanding out to other regions.

"This is a fascinating moment for Hispanics in the US and we want to be involved in bringing relevant Spanish-speaking films from all cultures to them," Gabel said. "We admire the dedication of pioneers like Arenas, Venevision and Plural Entertainment, yet there's still a ton of work to be done to reach this market."

Casa Nova has already partnered with Sony Pictures Classics for small-scale re-releases in the Los Angeles area of Argentine hits Nine Queens (Nueve Reinas) and The Son Of The Bride (El Hijo De La Novia). Nine Queens went out again March 14 on 13 LA-area screens.

This first effort provided Casa Nova with a market test for releasing strategies and marketing channels to reach the local Hispanic market, a growing "groundwork of knowledge" they will offer other distributors prepping future Spanish-language releases. They will re-launch The Son Of The Bride this spring on fewer than 13 screens.