Korean director Jeong Jae-Eun took home the top Valencian Moon award Saturday from Spain's youth-oriented Cinema Jove International Film Festival (June15-22) for his debut feature film, Take Care Of My Cat (Go Yang I Rul Boo Tak Hae).

The tale of five childhood friends grappling with young adulthood walked away with the award and Euros 18,000, beating out nine other feature films from directors under the age of 35 around the world. Special mentions went to Christian Zubert's Lammbock: Handmade (Lammbock: Alles In Handarbeit) from Germany, and Kazim Oz's Fotograf from Turkey/Kurdistan.

In the parallel short film competition, which featured 70 short films from 27 countries, France's Lionel Baillui won the Golden Valencian Moon for Squash, the US's Francesca Galesi the Silver Valencian Moon for Boris and Greece's Ari Bafalouka the Bronze Valencian Moon for See No Evil.

Francisco Javier Gutierrez, director of short film Brasil, was the recipient of the Studio Universal Filmmaster Prize, which sends a Spanish director to Universal Studios in LA for a two-week internship.

Other prizewinners included the Jameson Prize for most creative Spanish short film to Xuan Acosta and Manuel F. Torres for Mashjeta; the Injuve Award for most creative Spanish, Iberoamerican or European short film to Christopher Van Rompaey for Oh My God; the Canal Plus prize to Philip Traill's Flipped; the Pecera Estudio award for best sound to Guillem Morales' Upside Down; the Madrid Film prize for Spanish short films to Jose Maria Goenaga's Tercero B; and the Trivision special prize for Valencians only to Mique Beltran for Tequila.com.