The Spanish autonomous regional government of Catalunya has signed an agreement to back TV co-productions between Spain's national public television network Television Espanola (TVE) and Argentine firms Pramer and Tranquilo Producciones.

The first two productions out of the accord will be Perfiles Catalanes, a 26-chapter series of 26 minutes each about leading lights of the Calatan cultural scene; and Un Mundo Alucinante, a 13-chapter series of 52 minutes each about Chilean writer Antonio Skarmenta.

The agreement, which will involve the Calatan Culture Department's Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries (ICIC), was signed in Barcelona by Jordi Vilajoana and Jordi Penas on behalf of the Catalan government and ICIC, TVE's Catalunya chief Ramon Font, Pramer's Claudio Bevilacqua and Tranquilo's Eliseo Alvarez.