Reel Entertainment, the Dubai-based joint venture between Singapore exhibitor Cathay Organisation and Dubai property developer Emaar Malls Group, has announced that its new chain of multiplexes will be named Reel Cinemas.

The first two Reel Cinemas are on target to open their doors in the last quarter of this year. Dubai Mall, the 12.1 million square foot flagship project for Emaar Malls, will feature the largest cinema in the city-state.

Built at a cost of S$45m, the deluxe megaplex will consist of 22 screens with 3,000 seats, including 17 commercial halls, an arthouse cinema hall Picturehouse (named after the ones operated by Cathay in Singapore and Malaysia), and four premier class halls, Platinum Movie Suites. The largest hall will seat 350 while each of the premier class halls has 30-34 seats.

Dubai Marina will boast the first all-premier class concept in the UAE. The S$15m multiplex will have six screens, all of which are Platinum Movie Suites with 30-40 seats each.

Dubai aside, two further projects are currently in the pipeline for Cairo, Egypt where two Emaar malls, the Cairo Gate and Uptown Mall, will house Reel Cinemas. The Syrian historic city of Damascus will be the next location after Cairo.

The joint venture company previously announced it would develop cinemas in 150 malls that Emaar Malls plans to open in the Middle East, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Cathay last month opened a new six-screen multiplex at Downtown East, further reinforcing its position as the second largest exhibitor in Singapore.