Oscar-winning Italian producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori has set up a new production company, New Capitol Films, that aims to produce films, TV commercials and a series MF.

The sighting of New Capitol Films was reported by a Rome newspaper, which
reported the registration of the new business at the Chamber of Commerce.

A Cecchi Gori spokesperson confirmed the news but stressed the company is only just setting out.

The new company is also registered to work in exhibition, dubbing
facilities, rehearsal studios, film printing services as well as Italian and
foreign film and TV series rentals.

Most of these are areas in which Cecchi Gori has previously worked. Despite
many financial problems that took him out of film production, he remains
owner of an exhibition chain, which includes cinemas in Rome and Los

Cecchi Gori inherited the family business from his father Mario and began to
fall into legal troubles in 1995 that led to a bankruptcy of his Finmavi
holding company valued at $87.8m (Euros 60m) in 2006.

Most cite two unsuccessful business ventures as the reason behind his
previous troubles: the unsuccessful attempt to create a 'third television network' in
Italy, (which operates under a duopoly market between State channels and
those held by ex Italian premier and media magnate Silvio Berlusconi); and
the purchase of the Fiorentina football club.

Since then, he was forced to sell off about a third of his 900-title film
library as well.

Despite the hardships, the producer vowed to keep producing and announced
several comebacks. In 2006, he told Screen International he would return to
producing films with his ex wife Rita Rusic, with the project Scusa Ma Ti
Chiamo Amore.

The film became a reality and was produced by Medusa in collaboration with
the Cecchi Gori Group. Rusic executive produces.

The picture currently sits in the number one position on the Italian box
office, earning $14.5m (Euros 10m) in its first two weeks. The film is directed by Federico Moccia and stars Raoul Bova.

While these are certainly interesting developments for Cecchi Gori, it is
too early to make any further announcements regarding specific production
activities, particularly because some of his legal troubles are yet to be

Vittorio Cecchi Gori's credits include Oscar winning titles Il Postino - and
his family is associated with more than 350 production credits.