Hong Kong-based CelestialPictures has sealed separate deals with Australian broadcasters SBS and Pan TVfor distribution of its Shaw Brothers library.

Public broadcaster SBS haslicensed free TV rights to a package of Shaw Brothers films, including The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin, Come Drink With Me and The Magic Blade. The deal marks thefirst time that Celestial's Shaw Brothers titles will be available onAustralian free-to-air TV.

Meanwhile Pan TV haslicensed pay-TV rights to a package of films for its World Movies channel,including Super Inframan, The Mighty Peking Man and Blood Brothers.

Celestial also operates a24-hour Chinese movie channel, Celestial Movies, which is now available in 11territories. The company launched a second TV brand, WaTV, in February thisyear, which is the first infotainment channel dedicated to youth lifestyle in China.