Hong Kong's Celestial Pictures has sealed exclusive deals withIran's Century 21 VMC, Portugal's Lusomundo and the Netherlands' Dutch Film Works, which extend the distribution ofits Shaw Brothers library to 56 countries.

Century 21 VMC will presentmore than 100 Shaw Brothers titles on home video and television, in a dealwhich marks the first time that the library has been available in Iran.

Lusomundo has licensed apackage of titles for release on home video, TV and video-on-demand in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking Africa, including classics such as The36th Chamber Of Shaolin and TheFive Venoms.

The deal with Dutch FilmWorks includes video, TV and VoD rights in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, for titles including Come Drink With Me and TheHeroic Ones.

Celestial, which is owned byMalaysian pay-TV operator Astro, acquired the Shaw Brothers library in 2000,digitally re-mastered 760 titles and has since licensed packages to just abouteverywhere in the world. The Weinstein Co has rights to 50 titles which itplans to release through it new Dragon Dynasty label in the US.