After launching FrancoisOzon's 8 Women at the AFMlast year, French sales house Celluloid Dreams has come full circle with aspate of finalised deals. PierreMenahem, who has been overseeing the market for the independent outfit, saidyesterday that only four territories remain unsold (Singapore, South Africa,Peru and India) but that those could close after the film's final screeningwhich was yesterday afternoon.

Deals completed at the AFMinclude Korea (Keowon), Poland (Gutek), Columbia (Cineplex), Venezuela (CineUnidos), Turkey (Chantier Films), Central America (Sat America) and Slovenia (LjubljanskiKinematografi).

Celluloid Dreams has enjoyeda highly profitable run with 8 Women which USA will release domesticallyin the fall. Although Menahemwouldn't give exact figures,he does allow that 8 Women hasbeen the biggest success the companyhas had so far.

No word yet on Ozon'snext project but it's a safe bet he will continue to work with his producing partners atParis-based Fidelite Productions and withCelluloid Dreams which has been with him since he started out as a film-maker.