Underlining its increasingappetite for genre fare, Celluloid Dreams' is to handle world sales on new French horrorpicture, Inside, through itsgenre arm Celluloid Nightmares.

Starring Beatrice Dalle andAlysson Paradis, directed by duo Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, Inside (A L'interieur)is produced through Frank Ribiere and Verane Frediani's French distribution/production outfit La Fabrique de Films and BRFilms, which will handle the visual effects.

The film follows Sarah, arecently widowed young photographer, on her own at Christmas Eve. Lonely andpregnant, close to going into labour, she has a terrifying encounter with amysterious woman who turns up at her house and refuses to leave. . As the nightturns into a long struggle between the two women, Sarah does all she can tofight back, ignoring her injuries, and protecting herself from the assailant's attacks. Amid the ceaseless, terrifying attacks, Sarah feels her firstcontractions

Budgeted at 3 million euros,the film is currently shooting in Paris.

"I read the script with white knuckles and it's great to see the suspense and tension of the script on screen not tomention these two fantastic actresses battling it out, covered in gore," said Hengameh Panahi of Celluloid Nightmares. "French horror films are very rare and what makes this such an excitingproject is the fact it is a film by genre fans for genre fans, it fits exactlyinto our philosophy for Celluloid Nightmares."

"It's one of the best script we have ever read, a trueradical genre film without any concession towards the violence necessary to thestory," Ribiere and Frediani commented.

Earlier titles on theCelluloid Nightmares label includeAustrian slasher title Dead In 3 Days by Andreas Prochaska and Canadian auteur Guy Maddin's Brand Upon The Brain!

La Fabrique De Films wascreated in July 2003 by Verane Frediani and Franck Ribi're, The company hasreleased genre films and dark comedies The Descent, Severance, and Ferpect Crime and is currently co-producing two thrillers, the nextAlex de la Iglesia movie, Oxford Murders, and Inju to be directedby Barbet Schroeder.