EXCLUSIVE: Celluloid Nightmares will kick off sales at the AFM next week on a pair of genre titles from Los Angeles-based XYZ Films.

Home is Nicholas McCarthy’s follow-up to Sundance 2012 hit The Pact [pictured]. It centres on a young woman who investigates an incident that took place in a house where a previous occupant unwittingly summoned the Devil.

Celluloid Nightmares represents all international rights to the project, which is in pre-production. Sonny Mallhi, who served as executive producer on The Strangers, will produce.

Benni Diez will direct Stung from a screenplay by Adam Aresty about a garden party that turns sour when a colony of killer wasps mutates into seven-foot tall predators.

XYZ Films is producing with Germany’s Rat Pack and the partners are eyeing a March 2013 start in Europe. Celluloid Nightmares handles worldwide sales and will show a proof of concept video to buyers at the AFM.