Central Partnership (CP), one of Russia’s top distributors, has signed a deal with law consultancy firm and rights agency, O,B&Ps to protect and secure its library rights on theInternet.

O,B&P will start monitoring illegal distribution of CP’s online film content from today (April 1). It will take on the responsibility to detect any illegally distributed content from CP’s library and will eradicate illegal content in compliance with Russian federal law.

Eduard Olvevinsjy, O,B&Ps vice president, said: ‘Piracy elimination is one of the most important and promising aspects of our work. Our copyright agency is always pleased to get involved in projects which make for the development of a civilised, modern film market.’

The two companies have previously worked together on CP’s Video24.ru, the first legal online digital streaming service in Russia. Designed as an ‘online cinema’, it offers online tickets and a streaming ‘cinema’ screen offering the Russian public access to CP’s content for as little as 120 roubles ($3.5) per viewing since 2007.