Debbie Chalet has announcedthat she will step down as CEO of Carlton Screen Advertising at the end of theyear.

Chalet had been part of theacquisition team at Carlton TV when it became Carlton Screen Advertising in1996 and she was named sales director. She has served as CEO since 2000 and hadalso directed Screenvision, the joint-venture business in Europe and the US.

"After 10 years in cinema,and over 15 working within the TV industry, I feel the time is right for me topursue new, less corporate, more entrepreneurial challenges," Chalet said.

The role will not be fullyreplaced. Instead, current directors at CSA will report to the company's executive chairman, Mike Neal. Neal, who assesses and oversees all of ITV'sglobal cinema interests, also sits on the Screenvision Boards in both USA and Europe.