Organisers of the inaugural Beijing International Film Festival have confirmed Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi as the Image Ambassadors for the first event (April 23 to April 28).

According to Pang Wei, Deputy Director of Beijing City Government’s Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, the organising committee of the festival took six weeks to select the candidates for the Image Ambassador. The committee believed that both Chan and Zhang offer international influence and understanding of Chinese film industry as well as Beijing culture.

The organising committee also announced that it will showcase more than 100 local and international films, including recent Oscar-nominated films such as Black Swan, 127 Hours, True Grit and The Social Network. Other selected films including Indian 2011 hit Three Idiots and France, Germany and UK co-production Dog Pound.

More than 420 international films and more than 162 local films have applied to participate in the festival. The committee is currently reviewing the films and finalising the programme. If selected, these international films will bypass the Chinese quota of foreign films and be released in cinemas in Beijing.

The festival will have official screening venues in 20 cinemas in Beijing city. The festival’s main venue will be Beijing Hotel, near the city’s landmark Tiananmen Square.

The opening ceremony will be held in National Centre for the Performing Arts and the closing ceremony will be held at National Olympic Sports Centre.