Production has wrapped in Navan and Dublin on Omagh, the dramatisation of events leading up to and the aftermath of the terrorist bomb atrocity which struck the Northern Ireland town of Omagh on August 15, 1998.

Based on extensive research and consultation with the families of the 29 people killed by the explosion Omagh was commissioned by John Yorke, Head of Drama at Channel 4.

The film is written by Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday) and Guy Hibbert, directed by Pete Travis, and produced for Channel 4 by Tiger Aspect (UK) and Hells Kitchen International (Irl) with backing from the Irish Film Board, and RTE.

Greengrass and Hells Kitchen previously collaborated on Bloody Sunday which, having been denied a theatrical release, found itself excluded from consideration for many international awards. Omagh will receive a theatrical release in Ireland before its broadcast on RTE, a week before its May 2004 broadcast on Channel 4. The most likely distributor is believed to be local operation Abbey Films.