Spanish distribution house Sogepaq has announced a round of sales at Cannes for Julio Medem's Chaotic Ana and Antonio Banderas' Summer Rain, the actor's second directorial effort.

Chaotic Ana, the follow-up to Medem's successful Sex & Lucia, pre-sold at the festival in Korea (Sponge); Brazil (Visual Films); Israel (Shapira); Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica (Babilla); and the Baltics and the former Soviet states (Maywin).

The Eu5 million production, which will be released in Spain this summer, had previously sold in 11 other areas: Germany and Austria (Prokino); the UK and Ireland (Tartan); Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Cineart); Greece and Cyprus (Prooptiki), Romania (Independent) aand Taiwan (Cineplex).

Chaotic Ana tells the story of an 18-year-old girl's journey into her past lives, which takes her from Ibiza to Madrid, New York and Arizona. The international cast includes French actor Nicolas Cazale, Germany's Matthias Habich and the Spanish actress-singer Bebe.

Summer Rain, Antonio Banderas' intensely personal coming of age story shot in his hometown of Malaga, has added sales in nine terroritories: France (Surreal); Cuba (ICAC); Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Costa Rica (Babilla); and the Baltics and the former Soviet republics (Plan 2 Real). It has previously announced sales in a dozen countries, including the UK (Tartan), Korea (CNS) and Singapore (Cathay).

Summer Rain, a Spain-UK co-production, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last January and won the Europa Cinemas Label at Panorama in Berlin.

Sogepaq released the film in December in Spain, where it earned Eu2 million at the box office. It features a cast of newcomers supported by veterans such as Banderas' one-time Almodovar co-star, Victoria Abril. The story line is based on an award-winning novel by Banderas' childhood friend, Antonio Soler.