Project: Cromanon
Scr: Alejo Flash
Estimated budget: $2.2m (Eu1.6m)
Funds in place: $830,000 (Eu600,000)

UK film-maker Charles McDougall has made his name in the US as the Emmy-award winning director of prestigious TV shows such as Sex And The City, The Office, Desperate Housewives and The Tudors.

His feature work in the UK includes Arrivederci Millwall, his graduation film from London's National Film and Television School, a drama about hooligans who invade Spain during the Falklands War.

In 1996 he made Hillsborough, an award-winning docudrama about the tragedy in a UK football stadium where 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death.

McDougall's preference for factual drama continues with Cromanon, a new docu-drama based on a real-life tragedy at the Buenos Aires nightclub of the title.

The event, which shocked the nation, is also Argentina's worst man-made

The film will look at the night in December 2004 when a fire killed 194 concert-goers. The victims were trapped inside the venue, which was filled to four times its capacity.

The tragedy led to the impeachment of Buenos Aires mayor Anibal Ibarra who was blamed for lax security measures. The media continues to refer to the 'Cromanon effect' on the city's social and nightlife.

'The power of drama hooks audiences from different cultures into the true story of the events of December 30,' says McDougall. 'As with the other two factual films I have made, Cromanon is the story of those involved in and those affected by the tragedy.

'Using exhaustive research, it tells their stories in a compelling form.'
Cromanon will be told from the point of view of those whose lives were altered: a group of teens who unwittingly find themselves protagonists in a rescue effort of thousands, the families of the victims, and the survivors.

Angie Mulhall, of Buenos Aires- based WoW Film, is producing the project.