Taiwanese filmmaker Leste Chen and China's Zhu Wen have won the top two awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival's projects market, China Film Pitch and Catch (CFPC).

Chen's The Last Rainstorm, a prophetic story about humanredemption set in a city suffering from drought due to global warming,was awarded Most Creative Project, while Zhu's Flash Flash, an adventure about a group of rich, youngChinese peopletrapped in a jungle, won the award for the Most Promising Project to Invest.

SIFF's three-day projects market (June 16-18) was divided into two parts - China Film Pitch and Catch, which focuses on eight selected Chinese projects, and Co-production Film Pitch and Catch (Co-FPC), which features 32 Chinese and international projects.

Over 200 investors participated in public presentations for the eight selected projects, as well as one-on-one business meetings for the 32 other projects, over the three days. In total, 35 projects among the total of 40 have found potential partners according to SIFF organisers.

The Most Creative Poject was chosen by a jury of three including Chinese filmmaker Xie Fei. The Most Promising Project to Invest award was partly selected based on the frequency of appointments during the three-day market. China Film Assist, production company behind the winning project Flash Flash, conducted more than 15 meetings in one day.

Technicolor's Beijing outpost provided post-production service awards for each winning project worth $21,610 (RMB150,000). Technicolor also gave the other six projects in CFPC post-production services worth $11,530 (RMB80,000).

In addition, several private film companies announced deals for some of the projects. Polybona Films will back filmmaker Pan Baochang's Three Parkour Guys with $14,500 (RMB100,000) as seed funding. Asian Union announced that it will provide full funding for the $5.8m (RMB40m) Peking Duck by director Ju Anqi. TV director Liu Yunlong received much interest from local and overseas investors for his WWII war drama East Wind, Rain.