Unknown 26-year-old Zach Borst’s winning advert for Chevrolet will be watched by 163 million people during Sunday’s Superbowl. No pressure..

With ad spaces during the Superbowl running at $3.5m per 30 seconds, most companies will be relying on their most experienced creatives to come up with the ultimate advert.

This year, Chevrolet decided to take a different approach, teaming up with film contest online community MoFilm to launch a competition to find the most creative advert to feature at the game.

And the winning advert has come courtesy of 26-year-old unknown New Yorker Zach Borst who was chosen from over 198 entires for his advert which features a college graduate receiving what he thinks is a gift of a Chevrolet. (Check out the advert here - it’s hilarious).

The 30-second spot will feature at the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb 5 and will be watched by 163 million people worldwide (most first time film-makers are lucky if they get an audience of 100 people). And if that wasn’t enough pressure, the advert will also be tracked by The Super Bowl Ad Meter which measures second-by-second responses of Super Bowl viewers to adverts during the event and ranks them from best to worst. The ad will go forward to compete for best advert 2012.

Chevrolet describes the advert as “true to the essence of the brand” and showing “an acute and funny observation that will appeal to all audiences” to secure one of their prized slots.

Don Draper eat your heart out.