Ibolya Fekete's film Chico - about a mercenary who fights in many of the 20th century's revolutionary conflicts - has walked away with the Hungarian Film Week's main feature film prize.

Chico is just one of a number of films credited with injecting a more populist note into the Hungarian Film Week, which saw every film attract sell out crowds during the event

Just a few years ago, the Film Week usually had one popular production and a string of much less liked art movies. But in the last two years there have been eight to ten great successes at the festival.

"A new, talented generation of filmmakers have grown up and their films are very popular amongst the audience", says Erzsebet Toth, head of the festival's organisation committee.

The best feature film director award went to Zoltan Kamondi for Temptations (Kisertesek), which is currently screening at the Berlin International Film Festival. The best photography award for feature a feature films was shared by Laszlo Seregi. for The Last Blues (Az utolso blues) and Gabor Medvigy for Temptations (Kisertesek).