Andrea Frazzi and Antonio Frazzi's AChildren's Story (Certi Bambini) wonthe top prize, the Crystal Globe, on Saturday night (July 10) at the 39thedition of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

The Italian drama follows a young boy, Rosario, who liveswith his sick grandmother but grows up on the streets in a world filled withcrime, poverty and violence.

15 films screened in the main competition, and of thesethree were world premieres while twelve screened internationally for the firsttime.

The main jury, which was led by John Cassavetes collaboratorAl Ruban, gave its Special Jury Prize to Zrinko Ogresta's multi-characterdrama Here (Tu) fromCroatia-Bosnia-Herzegovina, while Spain's Xavier Barmudez was named BestDirector for his well-received Leon And Olvido.

In the Best Actress category the prize was split between thelatter's Marta Larralde and Karen-Lise Mynster from Paprika Steen'sDanish drama Aftermath. The young MaxRiemelt picked up the best actor award for his role in Dennis Gansel'sGerman WW2 drama Napola.

In the documentary competition Russian director PavelMedvedev's Wedding Of Silence tooktop honors, while the jury, which had Latvia's Bruno Ascuks as president,gave special mentions to Jiska Rickels' Days Under from Holland and Czech director TheodoraRemundova's No Regrets. ThePravo Audience Award went to The Story Of The Weeping Camel, while Valery Todorovsky's Russian drama MyStep Brother Frankenstein picked up theFIPRSCI award. Lifetime Achievement awards for outstanding contributions wentto US actor Harvey Keitel, local cinematographer Miroslav Ondricek (Amadeus) and director Roman Polanski.

The key Eastern European film event was as usual visited bya number of international guests including Elijah Wood, Liev Schreiber, BernardHill, Jacqueline Bisset, Ben Gazzara, Seymour Cassel, John Cleese and GaryLewis as well as scores of young Czechs. They were joined by the current CzechPresident Václav Klaus as well as the former president and playwrightVáclav Havel.

Some 460 filmmakers and 905 film professionals attended thefestival, which registered 123,749 admissions for its 416 screenings. Many werefirst time visitors at the festival.

Sellers could have hoped for brisker business - no majorsales went down. However, industry screenings of nine as yet unreleased newCzech films including Up And Down, Vaterland and Daddy were wellreceived by buyers and festivals.

Full list of awards:

Grand Prix - Crystal Globe
Certi Bambini (A Children'sStory), Italy, 2004
Dir.: Andrea Frazzi, Antonio Frazzi

Special Jury Prize
Tu (Here), Croatia, Bosniaand Herzegovina, 2003
Dir.: Zrinko Ogresta

Best Director Award
Xavier Bermúdez
For his film Leon y Olvido (Leon and Olvido),Spain, 2004

Best Actress Award
Karen-Lise Mynster
For her role in the film Aftermath, Denmark, 2004
Dir.: Paprika Steen

Marta Larralde
For her role in the film Leon yOlvido (Leon and Olvido), Spain, 2004
Dir.: Xavier Bermúdez

Best Actor Award
Max Riemelt
For his role in the film Napola (Napola), Germany, 2004
Dir.: Dennis Gansel

Best Documentary Film
Wedding of Silence, Russia,2003
Dir.: Pavel Medvedev

Special mention (documentary)
Untertage (Days Under),Netherlands, 2003
Dir.: Jiska Rickels

Special Mention (documentary)
No Regrets, Czech Republic,2003
Dir.: Theodora Remundová

The Ecumenical Jury Award for Outstanding Contribution to KVIFF
Eva Zaoralová

Pravo Audience Award
The Story of the Weeping Camel,Germany, Mongolia, 2003
Dir.: Byambasuren Davaa, Luigi Falorni

The Philip Morris Film Award
Svjedoci (The Witnesses),Croatia, 2003
Dir.: Vinko Bresan

Award of International Film Critics (Fipresci)
My Step-Brother Frankenstein, Russia, 2004
Dir.: Valery Todorovsky

The Don Quijote Prize (FICC - International Federation of FilmSocieties)
Kenar-e Roodkhaneh (The Riverside),Iran, 2004
Dir.: Ali-Reza Amini

Special Mention
Aftermath, Denmark, 2004
Dir.: Paprika Steen

The Ecumenical Jury Award
Cavedweller, USA, 2003
Dir.: Lisa Cholodenko